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Pattern Cutting service

Specializing in creative pattern cutting, this service is innovative with technical input. 

Using techniques such as draping and creating toiles, Guava London communicates closely with the client during the development process, to ensure their designs are understood and interpreted correctly.       


(New patterns are developed manually for accurate interpretation of fullness and proportion). 

 All completed patterns are digital.          

Guava London Pattern cutting Sampling (1).jpg

Guava London consistently works to the highest standards to produce accurate production-ready patterns.


Toiles are created for new patterns and are fitted with client to check fit and ensure that development is in line with the client’s vision. 

Perfecting the garment fit at the pre-production stage, with the knowledge of manufacturing processes ensures that the development process runs smoothly through to production.                                                            

As a result, communication and manufacture problems with the factory is significantly reduced. 

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